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Premium Skin Refining Snail 4kinds set (Cleanser/Lotion/Eye cream/Cream)

The set contains: Cleanser, Lotion, Eye cream, Cream-(Snail Line)

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Skin Refining Snail Essence 40ml

The content of 80% snail extract provides nutrients to the skin that has lost elasticity. An extremely concentrated combination of vitamins and mushroom extracts penetrates deep into the skin and helps restore the skin barrier. Chamomile and soy extracts soothe sensitive skin, and phyto-collagen keeps the skin hydrated.

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Skin Refining Snail Skin Lotion 200 ml

This refreshing toning lotion relieves and soothes dry, sensitive skin using filtered snail extract (10,000 mg), Phyto-TF (Patent No.10-0897140) and a blend of natural botanical extracts, to nurture smooth and radiant skin. It is highly concentrated with nutrients, which quickly absorbs into the skin to balance, rehydrate and revitalize the skin without stickiness.

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Skin Refining Snail Cream 50gr

Concentrated formula with 91% snail extract, regenerates the skin and stimulates collagen production and boosts skin resilience and flexibility. Hydrates and nourishes the skin due to adenosine and peptide complex. Helps against blemishes, imperfections and scars. Phyto-TF, an all-natural plant extract, protects and relaxes the tired skin, and helps maintain the skin's natural vitality.

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Skin Refining Snail Eye Balm 15 gr

A concentrated formula that improves resilience around the eyes while stimulating blood circulation to relieve dark circles.Fullerene, haloxyl, arbutin and niacinamide improve dark skin tone and remove blemishes.

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Skin Refining Snail Cleanser 120 ml

Contains 10,000 ppm of Snail Secretion Filtrate and Ceramide NP for a moisturized finish after cleansing. The smooth and creamy lather thoroughly cleanses the sebum and impurities in the pores. Mild formula.

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Skin Refining Snail Mask 23 gr

This pure cotton mask restores the skin's elasticity, provides nourishment and moisture. 100% pure cotton mask sheet with a softer touch, superior skin adhesion and amazing ability to retain moisture.