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I started using ElishaCoy products 2 months ago and since then I can honestly say that they have become indispensable, and the appearance of my skin has improved considerably. For optimal and long-lasting results, I have formed a care routine with these products, namely: the BB-All-in-one Cleanser, which deeply cleanses my skin of all impurities and makeup residues accumulated during the day. , Moist Up Super Hyalurone Ampoule Toner tonic lotion, which I found does not dry my skin like other tonic lotions do, Moist Up Hyalurone Ampoule Serum keeps my skin hydrated for a long time due to hyaluronic acid, has a light consistency and does not load the skin . When I feel the need for less hydration, I have mixed skin with excess sebum in the T zone, I successfully use the essences Moist Up Brightening Capsule Essence and 24K Gold Mineral Essence, due to their gel consistency, which I also use as makeup base. Once or twice a week I complete this routine with a cotton mask, my favorites being: Brightening Ampoule Solution Mask, Revitalizing Ampoule Solution Mask and Honey Nourishing Mask Sheet. If you want a healthier, firmer and brighter complexion, I highly recommend this South Korean cosmetics brand.



I am extremely satisfied with these products. ElishaCoy creams have a light texture, penetrate quickly into the skin and most importantly are products that do not contain parabens, use only natural ingredients. I have been using Korean products for three months, I tried BB Cleanser face cleansing gel, Moist Up Super Hyalurone Cream, Essence Capsules and Hyalurone Ampoule Serum, as well as the whole range with Gold Collagen, I love the Gold Collagen Award serum ampoule. I recently used Skin Refining Snail Cream, it is a light cream, deeply moisturizes the skin and wrinkles and blemishes caused by the sun have almost disappeared. I can't say that I have a favorite product, ALL ElishaCoy products are great with visible results in a short time. ElishaCoy products have become indispensable in my daily care routine. All the ElishaCoy products I have tried so far have been worth the money and I will definitely buy them again.



Hi girls! I decided to share with you the joy of having discovered the ElishaCoy products that I already use for the fourth month. I find that these are not just simple cosmetics but, rather, a special experience for our skin. It may seem hard to believe, but until this age (not very young ...) I didn't use skin care products much. I only had a make-up base and a make-up remover, but two years ago my skin alone "required" more careful care. I then bought products from the big fashion houses and the most famous manufacturers in the world, such as Chanel, Estee Lauder, etc., but not much happened, but now I am really satisfied with the purchase I made from Q Cosmetcs and I can say it with all sincerity that I will remain dedicated to these cosmetics that I recommend. These lines are the first confession about my skin care, but in another post I will tell you what are the products I chose to use and what my moments of pampering with them look like.



Am descoperit de curand produsele ElishaCoy si pot spune ca am fost imediat cucerita. Pentru ca folosesc produsele din gama Moist Up Super Hyalurone Line, ziua mea incepe si se incheie cu un rasfat total. Capsulele si serul cu floare de lotus dar si crema cu Super Hyalurone sunt exact ceea de ce aveam eu nevoie. Acum pielea mea e mult mai hidratata, catifelata si luminoasa. Cautam de mult timp un produs care sa imi curete tenul in profunzime si care sa nu irite iar la ElishaCoy am descoperit gelul pentru curatare BB All-in-One. Este uimitor cat de bine si usor inlatura orice fel de machiaj. De acest produs chiar nu m-as putea lipsi. Sunt foarte impresionata de eficienta lor si cu siguranta voi incerca si celelalte produse ElishaCoy!



"Thanks .... it's too little to say about how I've been using Korean ElisaCoy products, these products are WONDERFUL. It all started two months ago, when I said goodbye to the tens of minutes spent daily in front of the mirror in trying to style my hair, this was due to the use of More Fresh shampoo and Moplex Hair Volum.The shampoo deeply moisturizes both my hair and my scalp giving it a much healthier and brighter look, result visible in a short time After using Moplex I gave up both the hair mousse and the hairspray used daily, due to the elasticity and volume offered to the hair.I continued by using BB Cleanser to remove daily makeup, it cleansing me The hydration and elasticity of the skin have been visibly improved by using Premium Gold Collagen products, that's all I can say ... these products are EXTRAORDINARY, they r I command everyone with confidence, and I will NEVER give them up. "



For the first time since I tried these Korean products, I was pleasantly impressed by their effect, and now I use the range with hyaluronic acid and I am very satisfied with the results. I consider that they fit my skin perfectly, due to their light texture, they give me a clean and bright complexion all day long. I highly recommend this brand of products.


Make-up Artist

"Since I wear makeup every day, I understand even more the importance of a clean and radiant complexion because a perfect make-up looks ideal on a healthy basis. Skincare products are the most important when it comes to beauty, they must bring benefits and help your skin look good with or without makeup Every skin has different needs and I'm glad to see that Q Cosmetics brings products designed to help everyone, from sensitive skin to mature skin and consider the importance of ingredients that really help and which work in our favor such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramides, etc. I use products from the Moist Up range that are intended for sensitive skin and have the role of deep hydration with hyaluronic acid, I am satisfied with both products and results, thank you . "