Tetraforce mini-kit


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Tetraforce travel set consisting of cleaning gel (15 g), toner (20 ml), cream (10 g) and cotton pads,provides a basic yet complete routine for combination or oily acne prone skin. The Tetraforce formula is based on 4 ingredients extracted from plants, namely: black willow bark extract, which helps to remove dead skin cells and regulate sebum secretion, 4 terpineol extracted from tea tree, which reduces inflammation, relieves redness and has an antibacterial effect, green tea extract which soothes the skin and Centella Asiatica extract, a plant widely used in Asia known for its regenerating and healing properties. In addition to these, the range also contains moisturising ingredients such as panthenol, trehalose and hyaluronic acid.

– Helps fight blemishes
– Ensures a complete routine
– Regulates excess sebum, cleanses pores and leaves te skin clean, yet hydrated

Skin types: oily/combination skin, acne prone skin